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If you are a buyer then you click on buyer section. Sent email and provide details information.

You should send the Email, as per the instructions below.

Subject:  ( Buyer of Leather/ Garment/


You specify  which product you need and provide details information about it. 

Such as: Leather Type , Grade, Thickness, Color etc.

We replay your Email within 24 hours .

Buyer Section

Send Email on :

If you don't receive replay within 24 hours, you can send massage on WhatsApp: +8801765-723424

Foreign Representative

In order to speed up the company activity and to creat a strong bond with the buyers, Company has representatives in different countries of the world.

Seller Section

If you are a innovative and good farmer or manufacturer, company is willing to support you and involve you in its activities. 


Customer Support


WhatsApp: +8801765-723424